Whether on a whiteboard or on my trusty iPad Pro, visually communicating an idea or a concept through illustration has been an enjoyable challenge.

I remember a good friend of mine once asked if I’d heard of a ‘graphic facilitator’? I had no idea at the time what that title was all about and it didn’t initially strike me as sounding very exciting either. He told me to check it out as he thought I’d be good at it. I didn’t think of it again until one month later, when I was enjoying a coffee with a close friend (who does quite a bit of public speaking). I asked him if he’d ever seen or heard of ‘those people who draw pictures and link ideas during business conferences’ (I couldn’t think of the title). He told me he hadn’t and after a short time encouraging me to try it, he made this very challenging statement… “I think it’s time you got out of your comfort zone…”. He was right. I’d been doing things the same way for so long. This is what I needed. To creatively step out of the familiar and to step into a place that is totally new… to take a risk.

Let’s just say the coffee led to a phone call and two days later I found myself illustrating in one of the largest tech conferences in Melbourne. It was incredible… The best way I can describe graphic facilitation is that it’s like circular breathing. You need to be drawing in key information and comprehending concepts at the same time as creatively illustrating it. There’s no room for breaks or pauses, it’s a flowing piece of art. For an artist and someone who does public speaking, there is nothing more creatively stimulating for the mind. I’ve since illustrated at a wide range of conferences and have enjoyed each unique experience.

They say pictures tell a thousand words. Everyone I speak to who takes home my illustrations is blown away by how each moment was captured in such a memorable way. It’s a privilege to play a part in bringing someone’s idea or vision to life through creative forms of communication and leaving something of value for others to engage with.

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